Zhejiang, China; 26 Dec 2013: Neodymium Permanent Magnets are the commonest type of magnets. It is known as permanent magnet as it is made due to the amalgamation of boron, iron, and neodymium. This alloy tends to make a crystalline shape structure, of tetragonal in shape. They are the strongest types of permanent magnets, which is commercially available today. These magnets have managed to replace other types of magnets in several modern products like motors in cordless appliances, magnetic fasteners along with the hard drives.

They are mainly categorized as per the maximum energy, which is associated with the output of magnetic flux in one unit. Higher grades are generally stronger and normally range from N35 to N52. One of the important properties of these types of magnets is remanence, which measures the strength of the magnetic field. These magnets have higher quantity of remanence, good amount of coercivity and are known to be good energy products.

Arc Segment Permanent Magnet is an alloy magnet, which is composed up of Iron boron, neodymium, and other microelements. This magnet is also called the king of the magnet. This magnet has an excellent cost to performance ratio and has good resistance to magnetic demagnetization. One of the best features of this magnet is that it has low price along with superb quality. These magnets are normally customized as per the requirement. However, it is very essential to give a drawing during the enquiry. It is coated with copper, grey epoxy, tin, nickel, and copper.

These magnets are used for many purposes like servo motor, motor generator, wind turbines, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, holders, and other automobiles etc. They have awesome quality and are available at highly competitive prices. One of its types like rare earth permanent arcs and segment magnets are mainly used for medical instruments, electronics, meters, aviation, and other medical instruments.

Neodymium Disc Magnets are to be handled with utmost care, as they pose a choking hazard or inserted into any sort of body part. These types of magnets are very brittle and therefore should be handled with care. Neodymium Disc super strong rare-earth has normally nickel plating and has a diameter of 12mm. Thickness is around 3mm.

Normally these magnets can be of 3 main types like round, countersunk and block. They also come in various grades like N35, N38, and N50 etc. Xionghai Magnets are the main brand of all these magnets. They come in various shapes, sizes and other dimensions and get delivered by the company in the shortest possible time. Customers are highly satisfied with all the coatings like Epoxy, passivated, zinc and NicuNi. Main physical properties of these magnets are home density, comprehensive strength, resistivity, and thermal conductivity.

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