(Free Press Release) Experts, who buy carpets, that a good woven carpet while aging does not wear out, but on the contrary, acquires nobility. It is believed that before you buy carpets they must get "mature." At olden times there was quite an original way to refine products. Masters said: "As the fermented grape juice is not wine yet, so a carpet, just woven, is not a carpet yet”. A ready carpet was thrown on the market square, where thousands of people walked on it. The carpet got only benefits from these hardships: the pile was broken down into fibers, and the carpet became fluffy, soft and malleable, after that people could buy carpets. Craftsmen knew that an original Persian rug would never be broken, and the colors would not fade. Today carpets are placed on a special vibrating machine on which they are knocked out by mechanical means. Products become soft for just one hour of modern processing. Previously, to achieve this effect carpets had to lie on the pavement for 3 months. Today, one can also find little woven rugs, which differ from carpets only with their sizes, but the technique and principles of their manufacturing remain the same.
At ancient times people preffered to buy carpets because Persian carpets were called “oases”. "Anyone who buys sucha carpet, will have a miniature Persian Garden in his house” - experts say. The combination of natural materials, natural dyes and hand work make a Persian carpet a unique work of art, a symbol of kindness and peace, because the carpet hides in itself warmth and patience of human hands, the goodness of a human heart; long traditions, mysteries and wisdom of the Orient are inscripted in its patterns, colors, ornament. So people buy carpets with pleasure.
Today various kinds of knotted carpets are manufactured by hands: pileless unilateral, wall carpets, carpets-paintings. You can buy carpets according to your wish.