Since went live earlier this year it has and has attracted a lot of custom for the products insurance4carhire, and questor insurance services advertises on the site.

When the site was launched it was only on one page and now with over thirty pages, there are now hundreds of people visiting the site each week .The updated site has been re-designed with a lot more information.

Pages have been devoted to car rental topics including advice when you rent a car, how car hire excess insurance works and check lists before a customer collects a rental car.

Philip Suter of jml Property Service that runs the site said" As introducer agents we have been working well with, Questor insurance and and introducing numerous purchases of these products and have also introduced a blog site in the past few months"

Philip went onto say that these products are not only for business and holidaymakers. There are many individuals who rent cars close to their home and although insurance4carhire's annual policy puts a 150 km restriction away from home, their daily policy from daily does not. This is great news for someone who has their own car being repaired as normally the excess insurance charged by these specialists is a lot cheaper than car hire companies".