The world has become a much smaller place thanks to modern day communications. However, there is still a huge divide — language. Any company or enterprise wishing to do business overseas will need to be able to bridge that divide in order to succeed. A key way to achieve that success is by using the services of Bubbles, a leading provider of translation services .

In any business the customer must always come first and this means being able to converse with him in his own language.  Bubbles provides a comprehensive translation service which enables UK companies planning to become, or who are already, involved in overseas business, to deal with customers in their own language.

Bubbles not only provides translation in to the world's leading languages such as French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The 3,500 plus translators are able to translate into over 280 foreign tongues, giving businesses a major advantage when trading across national frontiers anywhere in the world.

The company has achieved renown in the field of translation and counts many leading brands, such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, Novartis and Weetabix among its clientèle.

In order to meet the wide range of translation services demanded by clients Bubbles offers an extensive range of packages including technical and marketing translation.

Also provided is translation for multi-lingual websites - essential for companies trading across national and lingual borders, document translation, and production of a company handbooks, brochures and manuals in a variety of languages.

Bubbles translation services are not only restricted to businesses' ability to buy and sell goods and services overseas. The same devotion to accuracy and detail is devoted to the translation of legal documents, finance and accounts, and for clients operating in the world of science and medicine.

For added convenience Bubbles have also produced their own free translation software that enables clients to make quick translations online.

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