Bubble bags sold at wholesale prices by the Bubblebagdude.co for hash extraction through both chemical and herbal ways.

Wholesaler Company Bubblebagdude is selling ice extraction bags for extraction of hash from cannabis. The company is having their online portal at the web address, which is their online shop for providing the products in wholesale price. They have products for hash extraction in chemical way through the full melt bags or dry ice hash bags, and also through the herbal way by use of all mesh bubblebag.

They accept paypal as the only mean of payment as of now and shipping is instant after receiving payment. The bubble hash bags they deliver have a lot of qualities, and as per the quality the prices vary. Prices vary on the bag size, measured through gallons, and on the micron size which can be anywhere between 25-220 microns.

The bubble bags are used for extraction of hash which is processed marijuana, through the use of herbal home technique, where cold water and ice are used. As per the customer feedback shown on the website of the seller, the bags retain their quality and performance, shape and texture after being used several times and rinsed washed several times. There are few such customer reviews on the site telling about the quality of the products.

With their extraction machine kit, which contains the machine and the bubble bags, they are also giving free storage bag and pressing machine. There are videos on the site, which tells about the proper use of the bubble bags and extraction process. Besides a contact form for the visitors to contact is also there. A 30 days return and refund policy is there for the welfare of the buyers. The bubble bags are made in USA, and the country made bags are offered with the extracting machine through Amazon too, and from the same seller. Information about the seller and the products is available in detail from their website http://www.bubblebagdude.co/.

About Bubblebagdude:
The company is selling bubble bags and extractions bags as well as bubble machines since 2007 at whole sale prices, and has now come up with their web portal too.

Media Contact:
9516 Riviera Dr.
Sherrills Ford, NC 28673
Phone: 704-891-1670
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.bubblebagdude.co/