On June 2, 2016 Bruce Nash, founder of The-Numbers.com, and leading film analytics firm Nash Information Services, LLC, will address why film analytics are an important part of a filmmakers business plan. This event is presented by the Film Funding Club. Those interested in attending should register at FilmFundingClub.com.

- How film analytics can be used to help filmmakers, and their investors, forecast how likely a film is to make money
- How filmmakers can use analytics to improve their chance of financial success in distribution
- Which metrics are most relevant to and predictive of an independent film’s success
- What statistics are available about independent production companies, their films, and their revenues from various sources
- Why investors care where film comps come from
- How comps become part of a complete film business plan

This event will be presented to independent film producers nationwide. Those wishing to attend should RSVP at www.FilmFundingClub.com

Film Funding Club events are sponsored by FilmFundingLA.com(http://www.filmfundingla.com/) who offers $50K-$250K in development funding to filmmakers.

About the Film Funding Club
Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton launched the Film Funding Club in 2009. She currently supports over 10,000 filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and other creative pros through face-to-face and online events every month. Those looking to attend events should visit www.FilmFundingClub.com.

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