21 August, 2014: The ABI (Association of British Insurers) has just released a report revealing that 4,300 medical insurance claims were made each week in 2013 from travel insurance policies. The claimants were requesting payment for everything from emergency treatment to repatriation. However, in shock figures, 19% of British tourists admitted that they’d made the decision not to travel insured

The Wise Decision to Travel Insured 

While some people are certainly deterred by the costs and the challenge of arranging policies suitable for particular types of holidays, experts at top online provider Insuremore have revealed that the chances of holiday mishaps are relatively high. They also point out that the average travel insurance policy only costs around £32. 

A representative of the ABI says, “No one expects to go on holiday and have to make a claim on their travel insurance. However, unfortunately for many travellers, having something go wrong can be a very real experience. It can be especially traumatic when you or someone you are travelling with is taken ill or injured.” 

Statistics show an average medical expenses claim totalled £932 in 2013. However, those travellers who required serious medical attention and repatriation, naturally, were required to pay more. The ABI went on to say that a substantial proportion of claims were rejected because of failure to comply with the terms and conditions of specific policies and a relatively high proportion of people were caught out by the policy small print even after opting to travel insured. 

Some travellers have made the mistake of relying entirely upon the medical cover guaranteed by the European Health Insurance Card. They’ve been surprised to discover that this type of insurance only acts as a safeguard up to a point. 

The ABI emphasise the importance of considering a wide range of holiday hazards and make the strong point that it is absolutely essential to spend time researching the different types of cover available. Prospective travellers who heed this advice can expect to enjoy significant savings and complete peace of mind during action packed breaks. 

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