A fairly new addition to the LED scene, BrightTouch has worked to bring together the best aspects of popular fairy string lights to create a true crowd pleasing version that is safe and adaptive. The new lights debut on Amazon this week.

Taking the best ideas and making them even better, BrightTouch unveils a new kind of fairy string lights on Amazon. Though the company is fairly new to the fairy light scene, they are no stranger to innovation and light. Now, their newest product alleviates issues with similar products, giving consumers the perfect starry string light option, without any of the troubles.

Quickly becoming a name that households around the world are familiar with, BrightTouch set out to fill a need and they have accomplished their goal. With the launch of their newest product, fairy string lights in three different colors, the company has taken feedback from numerous customers and put everything into making a product that solves every customer concern that was brought up to them.

“We all love these sparkly, twinkling lights,” says Jaime Sarrac of the BrightTouch design team. “They are a beautiful addition to pretty much any setting, but until we got our hands on them, they had issues. We worked hard to solve those issues, and the product you can buy now is the result of hours of hard work, making sure BrightTouch customers didn’t have to worry about those things others had said about similar lights on the market.”

Hours of work went into developing the product, but just what came out of those hours? According to Sarrac, BrightTouch fairy lights address safety and use issues like cracking wires, adapters that get overheated easily, and mounting troubles.

“Safety is our first concern,” explains Sarrac. “We are a family owned company, so we want to make sure your family is as safe as we would want ours to be. To do that, we’ve taken traditional string lights and designed them with higher quality wire to prevent cracking and instead of a traditional power adapter, we’ve made ours so they run off of the same kind of plug as your cell phone charger.”

They’ve also taken things a step further to ensure safety by building a product that proudly is UL certified, meaning that they are one of the safest options in this popular category. Other key features and benefits include special transparent mounting stickers that come with every set and the company’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With each set measuring in at 33 feet long and touting the well known and well loved benefits of LED lighting in three bright and vibrant colors, the company expects the new product to be quite a hit.

To celebrate the unveiling of the newest member of the BrightTouch family, the company is offering these lights on Amazon in warm white, rose red, and deep blue.

About BrightTouch:
BrightTouch is a family owned and operated company that strives to bring a little bit of magic to everyone’s life. Through the right lighting, they work to add sparkle and shine to the daily grind, all while providing the best customer care in the industry.

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