Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21th March - Breathing Toys are electronic toys designed to encourage kids to perform breathing exercises. Breathing Toys provide a real-life experience which makes breathing exercises more interesting and fun. Other products by Breathing Labs include 50+ Breathing Games (video games controlled by breathing exercises) on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms, Breathing Scrolling (accessibility tool for scrolling websites with breathing) and Breathing Video (a tool for learning languages and skills more efficiently with breathing driven video). Lately Breathing Labs has signed numerous contracts for open source co-development of breathing based applications with many Universities, and together we are looking forward to transforming the ‘paradigm’ of human computer interaction. On 19th March 2016 there has been the first “Breathing Jam organised” in Hyderabad India, where developers gathered for the 24 hours to develop various breathing based applications. Next “Breathing Jams” are planned for Australia, Europe and USA in 2016.
New product coming to market in April 2016: Breathing Cars, a competitive breathing exercise for two kids

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About Breathing Labs

Breathing Labs is an Apple licenced (MFI Contract 15-01237) company that produces interfaces for breathing exercises, breathing games, and breathing entertainment. Their line of products already include 50+ Breathing Games and Apps used in asthma management, rehabilitation, speech training, languages learning, accessibility for disabled persons and entertainment. All their products are based on a clinically tested breathing technique called “Pursed Lip Breathing” that is recommended to anyone with difficulty breathing and those coping with stress, anxiety or panic attacks.
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For press inquires contact Breathing Labs CEO: Dr Matevz Leskovsek, PhD [email protected] or via phone +386 31380 511