Breakfast to Dinner spends the day with the multitalented, Arshad Warsi

~ The versatile actor takes the viewers into his home and his life and talks about everything from his childhood to his beautiful wife ~


This week, UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner gives the viewers an exclusive look into the life of the actor who can be hilariously funny or incredible believable at the drop of a hat — Arshad Warsi. The actor welcomes the viewers into his home, shows off his culinary skills and then sets off to tackle his busy day, all the while chatting about his life, his wife and everything in between.

Arshad kicks off the day with a personal tour of his house; sharing pictures of his family on the go. Being a people’s person, the actor talks about his many friends and his loving wife and what they mean to him. It is now time for breakfast and Chef Arshad shows us the accurate way to make a delicious cheese omelette. After devouring the omelette, over a cup of coffee, Arshad shows the viewers a set of rules for him, that are stuck to the refrigerator, undoubtedly by his wife.

It is now time for Arshad to head out door and get to work. As a sweet surprise, the actor is joined by the beautiful Soha Ali Khan, who stops by to grab a bite during lunch. Talks turn to the film industry as Soha and Arshad share their thoughts on movies. The two actors then head to an interview for their upcoming film and this is where we see the legendary funny side of Arshad Warsi. After a fun-filled interview the day finally comes to an end and like the rest of the health conscious Bollywood, Arshad says goodbye to the viewers and takes off on a bicycle.

Catch the inimitable Arshad Warsi this Sunday, 29 December at 7 PM only on UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinners


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