04, April 2015: After 12 years of thorough research, exhaustive back testing, and converting his knowledge of Forex into a profitable Forex system, professional speaker, trader, former hedge fund manager, and no-nonsense mentor Vladimir Ribakov has settled down and made it his life’s mission to see other traders achieve the type of success he wish he had experienced during his first few years as a struggling novice trader. 

The foundation of Vladimir Ribakov’s success is on display in his personal blog, where he reviews Forex systems, provides a free weekly analysis through his weekly newsletter, helps others learn to trade efficiently, and is the proud creator of the Divergence University. Luckily for the skeptics, Valdimir believes in having a strict code of transparency, and lays out everything he knows at his personal website and Facebook page, which has over 23,000 likes. 

Now, after creating the Divergence University, traveling the country speaking to struggling traders, Vladimir Ribakov is excited to unveil his latest innovative product to the Forex trading community. 

Using his experience as a professional hedge fund manager combined with his raw skill as a futures and commodity trader, Vladimir created the Forex Gemini Code. The Forex Gemini Code is a very simple, straightforward yet powerful managed Forex tool that can be applied to any trading strategy by traders of any experience level.

What Makes The Gemini Code Unique?

A problem with the majority of Forex systems and indicators is the inability to adapt. The Foreign Exchange Market is the fastest moving market in the world. To be effective, a managed Forex system should be able to adapt quickly in the present, so that it can effectively anticipate potential moves in the future. 

There are essentially three separate parts to the Forex Gemini Code indicators. The first is the Forex Gemini Code itself, which is located in the MT4 information dashboard. The Gemini Code shows possible price action pattern set-up’s for the currency pair that you are viewing. 

The second component is the Forex Gemini Scanner. The scanner is displayed in the upper right corner of your MT4 chart. It contains a strength meter for the Gemini patterns found on the dashboard, as well as the power, or strength, of the Meter trends time frames. The scanner also contains the time zones for the four major markets, and tells you which markets are currently open and closed. While knowing the time zones for different markets is by no means a game changer, it is a helpful little indicator that can give your trades a better sense of timing. 

And finally there is the Forex Gemini Meter. The meter is the most visually appealing Gemini Code indicator of the three, and is probably the most powerful. For each time frame you are viewing, there are three additional larger time frames containing three different meters, each pointing towards a bullish or bearish signal. For example, if you are looking for a set-up on the M5 chart, there would be additional strength meters for the M15, M30 and H1 time frames. The meters show you who control each time frame, the bulls or the bears. If the Gemini Scanner strength is showing a high number, and there are three larger time frames being controlled purely by bulls, then this means the bulls will likely be in control in the near future, and that now would be an excellent time to place a buy order. 

These three simple indicators literally show you who is in control of market time frames, making it an invaluable weapon for any trend trader’s arsenal. With the Forex Gemini Code you also receive Valdimir’s secret Trend Cloudon screen indicator, as well as his Divergent Divergence, both of which give you concrete proof of a divergence forming. 

More Than Just Indicators 

The best thing about the Forex Gemini Code product is the volume of useful information it contains. Aside from the indicators you download, Vladimir actually ships you a full DVD instructional course taking you step by step on how to make the Forex Gemini Code work for your money. You get to look over Vlad’s shoulder as he trades, while showing you his step-by-step process, leaving no room for interpretation. There is even a DVD course for complete beginners, so newbies who want to learn to trade, can learn most of the essentials in a single afternoon! If you are skeptical, have questions about his Forex system, encounter problems with his system, then you can ask Vladimir himself directly through the Members Area of the Gemini Code. 

The downside to the Forex Gemini Code is that it is not a push button solution. As a trader you must analyze each set up, set your risk and reward, and place trades according to Vladimir’s rules. The Forex Gemini Code will not make you a millionaire over the weekend, nor will it turn a beginning trader into a great trader. But it will provide you with the stepping stones needed to be successful in trading, and it will unlock the door to long term profit sustainability. 

Vladimir Rubikov wants to make you become one of the thousands of people who he has helped transform from average into excellent. To do this, you not only need the right trend following indicators and a proven Forex system, but you also need guidance and confirmation you are making the correct decisions that are aligned with a profitable strategy. 

Stop waiting for the pips to follow you! Take action and take what is rightfully yours! Take what is needed to become one of the 5% of successful retail Forex traders. Take a step into the Vladimir Ribakov’s Exclusive Member’s area.