Huaraches are the best accessories for summer. They allow air to flow freely around your feet and stretch into a perfect, snug fit. But rather than buying cheap, mass-produced huaraches, it makes sense to order online at Brand X Huaraches.

Since 1973, Brand X Huaraches has been working with artisans to create handcrafted Mexican sandals using a single strand of vegetable-tanned leather. These artisans use skills that have been passed down for generations and have undergone years of training.

“Huaraches have two major components: the leather insole and a single unending strand of leather. Every pair is woven by hand using the leather strand and attached to the insole. They are also not glued together. The factory-made huaraches show no appreciation for the little nuances that make these sandals special,” says a spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

Vegetable tanning helps to hold the shape better and molds the sandal to the shape of your foot. Similarly, wetting and hammering the leather ensures that the sandals last longer. Specific weaving techniques prevent the leather from stretching too much over time. Cheap Mexican huaraches don’t last longer than a few months, but handcrafted huaraches can last for decades. “We have customers who have owned a pair of sandals for over 30 years. Their sandals are in good condition and still usable,” adds the spokesperson.

There’s another reason to shop from companies like Brand X Huaraches. While it is good that many companies are promoting Mexican handicrafts, not everyone works towards benefiting the real artisans who keep the craft alive. But at Brand X Huaraches, those doing the craft benefit.

“At Brand X Huaraches, we sell huaraches with a twist. While the weaving technique is original, these sandals are available in vibrant colors and styles,” he adds.

About Brand X Huaraches:

Brand X Huaraches was started in 1973 by Ronn Simpson, who was inspired by the summers he spent in Mexico. Together with his wife, Marcela, Simpson manufactures Mexican huaraches and other Mexican handicrafts throughout the world. You can purchase the sandals at boutiques and on the company’s website. To learn more, visit