Huaraches are pre-Colombian traditional footwear that became mainstream fashion accessories in the 1960s. Mexican huaraches are known worldwide for their long-lasting quality and are considered the best footwear for summer. Brand X Huaraches, a well-known footwear manufacturer, claims that their premium huarache sandals can last more than 20 years.

“What makes our huaraches outstanding is that our leather comes from the grasslands of Argentina. All our leather huaraches are designed in California and handcrafted by Mexican artisans, using technics passed down through generations. We receive many compliments from our customers, and some people have used our leather huaraches for more than 20 summers. It makes us feel proud to produce world-class products that truly represent our trademark in the market,” says the spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

Brand X Huaraches sells high-quality huaraches for men and women that range from $125 to $150. Customers can buy the footwear and pay later in four instalments through after pay. Besides handmade huaraches, they also sell stylish handbags made from the same quality leather.

“Our artisans work hard to bring out the beauty in each leather huarache. The intricate weaving pattern provides extreme flexibility, allowing more air to pass around the feet. Our Mexican sandals are perfect summer footwear. The cushioned outsole of the huaraches provides extra comfort and durability. The vegetable-tanned leather makes the huaraches soft, and it’s also environmentally sustainable,” adds the spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

Brand X Huaraches exports handmade huaraches to over 63 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, and Belgium. Customers can place an order online at the official website and get the Mexican huaraches delivered to their homes.

About Brand X Huaraches

Brand X Huaraches is a leading Mexican huaraches manufacturer based in California. They sell a wide range of handmade huaraches and leather handbags. Visit for more information.