08, December 2016: If you’re stuck scratching your head this Christmas about what to buy your loved ones, then you might be in luck. Online gift retailer, Who’s it for? has just launched its brand new website designed to cater for the firm’s ever-expanding audience. Here you can find gifts for practically anyone in your life, whether it’s for a friend’s baby shower or your very own spouse.

Gift Ideas

The new Who's it for? website is chock full of interesting and unusual gift ideas to help customers find the perfect gift for their friends and family. To make it easier for customers to find great gifts, Who's It For has developed an extensive "Gift Ideas" section of their site. This section is broken down by category, helping visitors find inspiration and narrow down their search. Gifts are separated into different categories depending on gender, age, and budget. Under the “For Her” section of the website, visitors can choose from different product categories, including gifts for her over £50 and gifts for her under £50. The same system is repeated for both men and kids. There's also a section designed to help customers stuck on what to buy that couple or family in their life.

Greetings Cards

Who's it for?'s brand new site is built entirely around making special occasions more manageable. As a result, it's also interested in helping people find the right cards to go with the gifts they buy, no matter whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas. The people behind the company understand that a greetings card is a blank canvas that can help convey a personal message in a way that is sadly lacking in the twenty-first century. Across the new site, you’ll find hundreds of pages of different cards with practically every message imaginable. All the cards are curated, meaning that only those of the highest quality make it through to the final selection.


As part of Who’s it for?’s drive to make gift giving easier, the new site also offers guests an “occasions” section where visitors can browse gift ideas by type of event. Here visitors can find anniversary gifts, engagement and wedding gifts for the bride and groom, Christmas gifts, gifts for new babies as well as gifts for other occasions, like saying "thank you" and for people who have just landed a new job. Many of the gifts on sale here aren’t on sale in the shops meaning that Who’s it for? gives customers the opportunity to buy something unusual and unique for upcoming special occasions.

Baby And Child

Finally, Who’s it for?’s new site dedicates an entire section to babies and children. Here visitors can browse hundreds of different types of baby and child gifts from dozens of different categories. There are sections catering to books, traditional toys like wooden cars, board games, soft toys, creative and activity toys, as well as gifts designed specifically for newborn babies.

About Who’s it for?:

Who’s it for? began as a group of shops in Argyll wanting to bring unusual gifts to the masses. In the thirty years since they’ve expanded online, now offering deliveries within the UK and internationally.

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