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Winston-Salem, NC - When you think about it, asking an elementary school-aged child to sit still and concentrate on class work is a lot to expect. Kids have energy and they need to move and we’re not just talking about the 19 million children with ADHD, anxiety disorders or learning disabilities.

Research shows that kids learn better when they’re moving around. But how can they fidget, squirm and move in a way that’s not disruptive and promotes productivity? Scott Ertl, an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, N.C., has the answer.

Ertl invented Bouncy Bands, an innovative classroom tool that aids kinesthetic learning. Bouncy Bands attach to student desks and allow students to bounce their feet and stretch their legs while working quietly—without distracting others.

Bouncy Bands are made of a heavy-duty rubber that withstands the wear and tear of energetic kids. Bouncy Bands attach to the front legs of student desks and support pipes keep them suspended at the perfect height for kids' feet to rest and bounce.

“Bouncy Bands provide an opportunity for kinesthetic movement, which helps students focus better, especially when they're expected to sit quietly doing desk work,” explained Ertl.

Ertl is not new to making breakthroughs in active learning in education. In 2009, he created the nation’s first “Read and Ride” program for students to ride exercise bikes and read books at the same time. It makes reading fun for kids, while it prevents childhood obesity at the same time. Hundreds of schools around the world have replicated his program in their schools. His website helps schools start their own Read and Ride programs.

Ertl has seen Bouncy Bands work well at his school first-hand, as well as from hundreds of teachers and counselors who use them throughout the U.S.. “Teachers love how Bouncy Bands are quiet and help students be more successful staying on task,” he said. “And students love being able to move and stretch without getting in trouble.”

Bouncy Bands cost $9.95 each, plus $5.95 shipping. They are available at and on

To help schools secure funding for free Bouncy Bands, Ertl launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, which can be viewed at . This campaign will provide Bouncy Bands for students throughout the U.S. from teacher, counselor, and/or principal requests for free Bouncy Bands for students who can’t afford them.

For further information, visit or the Bouncy Bands Facebook page,

Scott Ertl can be reached directly at [email protected] and (646) 926-2440.

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