Pensacola, FL — May 25, 2016
Dads who are keen on the recreational lock picking get to enjoy the latest lock pick set from Boss. On top of the lock picks, the set also comes with its own transparent padlock to practice on. This hobby can now be taken to a whole new level.

Although there is still an ambiguity in the legality of the possessing lock picks, it is crucial to know that each state or country may have its own policy. However, it is safe to say that with growing popularity of the recreational lock picking, many regions and states have started to stipulate clear regulation on lock picking. For instance, the state of  Tennessee has laid down the ground rules on the use of 'recombinating' of  lock picks.

One the other hand, the Open Organization of Lock pickers  has taken an initiative to clarify the existing rules and policies on lock picking to protect the interest of the individuals who do the act as a form of recreation.

Recreational lock picking has been around since the 18th century. Even members of the French monarchy such as King Louis XVI had been known as a skilled manipulator and picker of locks.  In mid-1940’s, renowned physicist Richard Feynman also got into the recreational lock picking while in the middle of the Manhattan Project. At the latter part of the 20th century, the recreational lock picking surged and even became a recreational sport with the establishment of n organization called Locksport International.

The lock Pick Set by Boss contains 29 pieces and a practice padlock — all organized in a zippered case. Dads will get to enjoy practicing using different types of lock picks. One of which is called the short hook, which is considered as one of the most practical picks to use. Inexperienced lock pickers may practice using this type of pick. This set also includes a double ball, which is a top choice of dads interested in wafer type of locks.  Many lock picking enthusiasts are using this lock pick to work on their pressure.

Other lock picks such as the half diamond and rake are likewise included in the set.  The former are used to unlock pin tumblers while the latter only works with a very specific form of locks.  For bigger locks, the C-Rake or the snake works the best. The jiggler pick works with padlocks of high tensions.

Recreational lock picking is likewise considered a form of Science and would require immense practice to perfect. The Boss’ 29-Piece Unlocking Lock Pick Set is a good place to start.
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