United States, 16, May 2016: Boltivate, a new and innovative smart lock company, has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its revolutionary Boltivate wireless lock. The ground-breaking wireless WIFI deadbolt lock technology would provide easy access and control to home doors from anywhere. The smartest smart lock is perfectly compatible with the existing standard, deadbolt lock. There is no requirement for wiring as it is completely wireless. The crowdfunding campaign is carried out to give life to the topnotch product that would redefine the security lock arena.

At a time, safety and security are looked upon as predominant aspects, the Boltivate lock comes across as a huge relief to all those are safety-conscious and at the same time looking for a simple yet effective lock system. People are usually apprehensive about going with a smart lock facility mainly because of the complexities that comes along with. However, Boltivate wireless smart lock stands out from the rest with its impeccable and user-friendly platform that provides for exceptional user-experience.

The system is quite simple with utmost focus paid to the rigorous security features like LockDown which would lock down all the doors of the house simultaneously. The locking system is quite comprehensive as one can set the locks for different parts of the house, front door, patio door and garage door. The system helps people provide access to people they choose from any distance. All they have to do is to unlock or lock the specific door using their phones following simple steps.

Apart from residential security lock, Boltivate is also offering wireless smart lock for small businesses, large businesses and enterprises. Boltivate has launched the Kickstarter campaign with topnotch crowd sourcing platforms to garner the much-needed support to release the outstanding smart lock product.

The Kickstarter Campaign would help us make the dream of introducing the revolutionary and hassle-free wireless smart lock system, a reality. This product is set to revolutionize the security system and would provide for a cost-effective and hassle-free home security solution for one and all,” says Tristan Wiener, the CEO of Boltivate.

As far as installation is concerned, there are two methods to follow, Boltivate lock can be placed over the door’s lock or it could be screwed to the deadbolt. There is no requirement for any installation process and saves all the hassles that comes along with such tedious process. The smart lock works in sync with the iOS app which can be downloaded for free and can be paired with the Boltivate account.

The best thing about Boltivate is that it offer 24/7 customer support, catering to customer requirements and clarifications. The live support facility helps customers get instant response to any queries they may have with regard to the product, functionalities and its features. The product is cost effective in nature and its battery last for about 4 months which are simply some of the best things that a security lock product can come up with. You can support the kickstarter by visiting the link, https://www.boltivate.com/kickstarter/

For more information on the product, please visit, http://www.boltivate.com/boltivate/

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