Boca Raton, FL, July 12, 2016 — Boca Raton Center for Age Management, a hormone replacement therapy center, focuses on providing clients with the tools needed to defy many aspects of aging. Ultimately the symptoms associated with the aging process can have serious effects on one’s quality of life. Boca Raton Center for Age Management offers safe and effective therapy methods that will help reverse processes associated with both Menopause and Andropause and to eliminate any effects that prevent clients from having a happy and healthy life as they age.

Boca Raton Center for Age Management now offers ZO Medical( products among other comprehensive treatments including Pellet therapy, IV Nutrition, Hormone replacement therapy, Nutraceutical supplements and more. Their knowledgeable staff uses only the latest cutting edge equipment for their procedures and is dedicated to supporting their patients from consultation to the final procedure.

At Boca Raton Center for Age Management, patients get a personalized treatment that can now include ZO Medical products and services. “I am proud to announce that BRC4AM is now an official provider and distributor of ZO Medical skin health products in conjunction with Dr. Zein Obagi of Beverly Hills. ZO medical products represent the most specialized and effective treatments available to revitalizing, repairing, and rejuvenating skin.” said Dr. Mitchell Matez, Founder of Boca Raton Center for Age Management and Anti-aging specialist.

“We are very excited”, said Dr. Matez, “to be able to offer our clients yet another solution to the aging problem.”

Effective immediately BRC4AM is offering skin care services such as age defying facials, medical grade peels, tightening treatments, pigment control treatments and acne treatments as well as a host of other options.

About ZO Medical

ZO Skin Health, Inc. includes skincare solutions that optimize the health of the skin by using the latest advanced technologies and ingredients. They offer these skincare programs to medical professionals such as those at Boca Raton Center for Age Management. ZO Medical solutions were created by the inventory of Skin Health Science, Dr. Zein Obagi, a world-renowned skincare expert and dermatologist.

ZO Skin Health( solutions use clinically strong prescription treatments within a daily care regimen. These solutions were created in order to target many different types of skin conditions and needs. Their solution-focused line is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Known as the “science of skincare made personal,” ZO Medical solutions can help treat acne, aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and Rosacea.

For more information about the anti-aging solutions at Boca Raton Center for Age Management and ZO Medical solutions, visit their website or email them at [email protected].

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