ST. ALBERT, Alberta, Canada (November 20, 2009) - Matrix Information Systems Inc., has released a unique BMI / BSA / CDC Growth Calculator designed specifically for Physicians and Clinicians.

"This application is an excellent example of how new and emerging platforms such as the iPhone / iPod Touch can be utilized by practitioners to further enhance patient care, at an extremely reasonable cost." said Richard Becker, President of Matrix Information Systems Inc. "We are seeing a shift to well designed, and well crafted applications designed exclusively for a very specific end user, in this case the Physician".

The "Body Metrics" application incorporates a sophisticated user interface that is intuitive, and provides a quick, complete assessment of the patients BMI relative to the population. The health care professional, simply "dials" in some basic criteria, and the application provides detailed metrics.

The application is currently available through Apples "iTunes" store and be purchased for $5.99 USD.