16 August, 2014: An innovative product that specializes in wearable technology has now been introduced by Haip International Inc. This new product, Bluetooth Beanie Hat is a comfortable sportswear and which comes with a built in headphone for listening to music and talking on a phone. This hat could be an ideal sportswear in winter which could be used to enjoy favorite music while practicing a sport or exercising and jogging.

The hat is made of high quality fabric that helps maintain the necessary warmth. It is fully washable. One can simply remove the speakers and can wash it to keep it clean and shiny. The spokesperson of the company maintains that besides its functional features, it is creating a new interest among the fashion conscious men and women for its attractive style. “For many men and women, this hat is a fashionable Wear the technology product,” he states.

The headphone comes with powerful features and which make this hat more valuable for the sports lovers. With 60 hours standby time and 8 hours of nonstop talk-time, it can be used for listening to music or talking on the phone for hours without any interruption. One can easily recharge it through USB and can take advantage of its amazing features.

According to the spokesperson, Bluetooth Beanie has been designed keeping in mind the comfort, convenience and the need of the modern consumer. People who play sports or exercise regularly will find this hat very useful for enjoying music or speaking on phone in hands-free manner. The headphone syncs to the phone in a few seconds and one can keep talking with a crystal clear voice and without any disturbance.

The hat is available in the latest designs and colors that can suit the style needs of every individual. This is the latest offering by Haip International in the field of wearable technology and they are going to introduce other innovative products very soon. One can learn more about the company and their Bluetooth Hat by visiting their website http://www.haipproducts.com/.

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