March 2013 – Given the current state of the economy, quitting a job without one to start may seem like a bad idea, but if you have one of the many great business ideas already in mind, it may make sense to do it.

“I try to help people who want to work from home make informed decisions about their choices. My blog focuses on affiliate marketing, making money online and working from home,” said Sandy McQueen of

Because so many homes are in foreclosure or are moving to foreclosure, now is great time to get into the home cleaning business.

“Banks and lending institutions wanting to foreclose on a home want the place clean and tidy. The cleaner the home, the more attractive to buyers and good money is to be made there,” said McQueen.

The nice thing about a home cleaning service is most people likely have everything they need to get started. A heavy duty vacuum cleaner is the only investment you will possibly want to make.

“Most people try to keep their homes nice, but when they are losing it, the desire to keep it neat is quickly lost. The work can be messy and cleaning difficult, but the jobs can be very lucrative,” McQueen added.

Another added benefit is the availability of customers and not necessarily from the foreclosed homes either. “Many of the bankers and investment companies may take a liking to your work and ask you to clean their homes. This can potentially lead to more and more business,” McQueen added.

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