Boston; 15, March 2016: It does not need to be emphasized that the décor of a room can make a big difference to its attractiveness in the eyes of others. To be specific, the color of the walls, the design of the ceiling or false ceiling, the pattern of wall paper, the furniture, and the lightning used for the surroundings all have an individual and cumulative effect on the overall look of a room. Towards this end, the shades and/or blinds used in a window big or small or on the sill also has a tremendous impact on how living spaces will appear to visitors and guests.

Bloc Blinds is a foremost designer, manufacturer and distributor of an extensive range of roller shades and window blinds that can cater to every individual or institution’s need for having decorating solutions for any type of window. The company has a blind or shade for any kind of window in any quarter of the domestic living space or workplace including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and the baby’s room. The blinds and shades producer makes use of the finest quality of fabrics available for a wide range of living environments starting from a drafty and chilly area surroundings to a sleeping zone that is light-sensitive.

Bloc Blinds works is located in Northern Ireland where a group of extremely dedicated professionals are engaged in processing bespoke orders of roller blinds and skylight blinds of different clients. The firm by continuously churning out products fashioned perfectly in tune with customers’ specifications has been able to carve out a name for itself in this industry and has also won numerous coveted awards. For example, Bloc Blinds has indigenously developed the groundbreaking BlocOut shade that has been allowed users of the same to bring down their house heating bills up to nearly 43%. The establishment has also come out with an inventive ‘Fabric Changer’ that enables the homeowner to alter the fabric of the blind rapidly without having to dismantle the whole shade arrangement or system.

Bloc Blind designs and produces a range of shades and blinds for all sorts of windows across commercial and domestic living environments. The outfit churns out roller shades, drill-free roller shades, premium-roller shades, zebra-shades, blocout 40, blocout 80, tailor-made skylights, skylight poles, and measure protect. The Drill-Free Roller Shades facilitates in the setting up of roller shade without the use of a drill or awl and the installation can be completed in no time. The Zebra fabric shade collection comes in handy when one needs to control the sunlight filtering inside a room. One just has to manipulate the position in order to make the lighting in accordance with your preference. Likewise, the BlOCOUT 40 is ideal for draping on windows in nurseries, baby rooms, movie halls, and bedrooms.

About Us:

Bloc Blinds has been coming up with ingenious roller blinds and window shades for some years now. The company persistently keeps on adding futuristic items to its product line that’ll appeal to its steadfast customers as well as new clients.