Louisville, Kentucky — Saturday, May 14, 2016
Black Birds of Paradise, a neo-psychedelic lounge metal band from Louisville, KY, break their migratory pattern and flock together on Saturday, May 14th 2016 to release their second album, “Terror Bird,” into the world. Bird enthusiasts need only find their way to Haymarket Whiskey Bar, 313 E Market St, at 9pm to witness this historic occasion. Five dollars grants you entry, as well as aural access to Brenda (the band) and Insect Policy! Available on Cassette and Vinyl from Louisville’s Gubbey Records, Terror Bird will hit stores on May 14th, pick up a copy at the show or your favorite record store!

Black Birds of Paradise began as a trio, and has increased its numbers to a quintet since its birth four years ago. The Black Birds were friends before they were birds, and collectively claim Harry Nilsson, Esquivel, and Velvet Underground as influence and inspiration, with a heavy metal backbone. Their debut album, BBOP, was released in March of 2014. They have also been featured on all three Gubbey Records Head Cleaner Louisville Music Compilations and on the Louisville Is For Lovers project, THERE IS NO ONE: Louisville Is for Lovers Tribute to Palace Brothers in 2013.

Find their music at: https://blackbirdsofparadise.bandcamp.com/
Or stream their music: Spotify, Rhapsody, Google Play, iTunes
Find them at: https://facebook.com/blackbirdsofparadise

Band Contact: Regan Layman (502) 271-7713 [email protected]

Terror Bird Recipe
Ingredients: 2 guitars, 1 drum set, 1 vibraphone, 1 bass
Optional: 1 synthesizer, 1 bag o’ percussion, 1 fender rhodes, 1 organ, 1 BBOP choir

Begin by melting John Lewis vocals over high heat in a pan. Next, stir in Katy Hartman guitar melodies, one at a time. Once you can clearly see the creative juices flowing, throw in some John guitar for spice. Set pan aside. In a separate bowl, blend the thunderous and powerful drum rhythms of Nicholas Layman with the inspired and earthy bass growls of Dashiell Moss. Let sit for 10 minutes until doubled in power. Whisk in the resonant vibraphone tones of Regan Layman vigorously until light and frothy. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, making sure there are no lumps. Sprinkle with synthesizer, organ, percussion, and BBOP choir to taste.

Please enjoy!

Dave Rucinski
[email protected]
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Submitted by: Jamie White