Bindiya and Amma to come face to face in Sony SAB’s TV, Biwiaur Main

Sony SAB’s TV, Biwiaur Main is coming with yet interesting twist in the upcoming expisodes. Ammaji who is unaware of Bindiya’s off screen reality will come face to face with her as Bindiya and Kushal decides to stay at Rajeev’s home for few days.

Kushal (Karan Goddwani) who is the lead of Rajeev’s daily soap ‘Bindiya, ShringarEkSuhaganKa’ is stressed, as his house has gone under maintenance now due to heavy rain. As he is homeless, Rajeev asks him to move to his place for some time. Looking at this Bindiya (Tanvi Thakkar), who is the lead in the show gets insecure thinking Kushal will get close to Rajeev (Karan Veer Mehra) and will get all the limelight. Bindiya manipulates Rajeev and he is forced to take both Bindiya and Kushal to his home. Problem doesn’t stop here, Rajeev’s mother Ammaji (Madhuri Sanjeev) who is a big fan of Bindiya and her sanskaar’s thinks that she is same on screen as well as off screen. Now, Rajeev’s biggest problem is to hide Bindiya’s real vivacious avatar from Ammaji.

Will Ammaji come to know the real avatar of Bindiya? Will her belief be shattered?

Commenting on the track Tanvi Thakkar a.k.aBindiya said, “This track is full of hit and miss. The best part is when Bindiya and Ammaji comes face to face, as Ammaji doesn’t know her reality that Bindiya is not sanskaari off screen. It’s a very comical track where Rajeev is again in a situation where he plays the fire Bridget and run behind Bindiya and Ammaji so that they don’t come face to face.”

To know how Rajeev will handle this situation tune into Tv, Biwiaur Main, Monday – Friday, 9.30pm only on Sony SAB!!