Big Switch 4 Finale — The hunt for the toughest Raeeszaada concludes

~ Finally after all the politics, ups and downs and hard work, the deserving contestants will take home the prestigious title ~



After a long journey to prove themselves as the toughest Raeeszaade, the contestants haveentered the finale to compete against each other to win the most coveted title. Big Brother comes up with the final twist of Big Switch 4. The gang will go through the testament of friendship.

In the final episode, one of the gangs gets eliminated. The winning gang will either be The Showstoppers or The Chandigarh Chillers. But the story does not end here! With the twist, only one contestant will bag the title tag and the finalists will be competing against each other. The finale will decide the toughest gang and the toughest Raeeszada.

To face their big challenge, the finale contestants are given a chance to choose one helper from the remaining contestants. They arrive for their final job - Mountain Rescue Worker. They are given a dummy body to rescue from a mountain top and have to find their way down to the dummy. But this is not as easy as it sounds!

All the finalists put in their best, strive hard and overcome their fear to face the final job. In a journey that has taught them never to give up, the finale contestants put their best foot forward along with their helpers.

At this final frontier, which gang will pass the friendship test? Who will emerge victorious and win the most prestigious title? Who will prove their worth as India's Toughest Raeeszada?


To find out, catch the Big Switch 4 finale this Sunday, 7th April 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!





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