BIG Star Entertainment Awards par Sonakshi bani apni maa Poonam ki fashion stylist




From rich satin and dark brown to shimmering gold and magnificent black, the stars are going majestic this winter! Sonakshi Sinha, who was recently flaunting her vintage classic black and golden gown at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards, was accompanied by mother dearest on the red carpet. Poonam, who is typically seen with her elegant low-necked bun and signature red bindi, traded her tresses for a chic short blunt cut and was happy to let go of the bindi too!



Mother and daughter looked stylish in black and gold dresses. Has Sonakshi passed on some of her style tips to her mother this winter?



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night of the year, the 4th Big Star Entertainment Awards is scheduled


to be telecast on December 31st at 8.00 PM only on Star Plus.



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