Los Angeles, California — Buying big and tall men’s clothes is a challenge, because big men do not always conform to standard measurements. In fact, most men who are purchasing big men clothing rarely find items that fit well: they are either too narrow in some areas or too large in others. It is important when buying large men’s clothing not to “guess” at sizes but to understand how to measure and what those measurements mean.

Big Man’s USA, a premiere outlet for big and tall men clothing, offers a Learning Center on its website at http://bigmansusa.com/sizecharts.aspx where those who are buying big men’s clothes can go to find the right measurements and sizing information.

Buying big and tall men’s clothing to fit means having the right measurements. According to the Learning Center, different manufacturers specify different measurements for big & tall men’s clothing sizes. For example, Port Authority lists a “Medium” as a chest measurement of 38 to 40 inches, while Nike lists a “Medium” as a chest measurement of 38 to 41 inches. That one inch could make a big difference for a man who is close to the upper end of the measurement charge. In general, when a man measures at or slightly over the largest measurement, it is better to go up to the next size. Therefore, a man with a 40-inch chest might be comfortable in a Nike shirt while feeling the Port Authority shirt was a bit tight.

Buying clothes for big men is not easy, but Big Man’s USA has made it much simpler. In order to find the right clothing and the right fit, Big Man’s USA recommends that customers always take good measurements and consult sizing charts for the brands they are choosing.

About Big Man’s USA:

Big Man’s USA is a premiere Internet provider of big and tall men’s wear, including pants, shirts and accessories. With the help of Big Man’s USA, outsized customers can find well-fitting garments from major manufacturing names in sizes as large as 10 XL and as tall as 40-inch inseams.

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