After more than twenty years of satisfying construction requirements of New York’s big time building planners, architects and developers, Big Apple Testing soars higher to become a most preferred geotechnical company among practitioners in the construction industry.


Seen as knowledgeable and expert on the needs of the construction industry.


Today the general feedback from industry sources says Big Apple Testing’s top management and specialized groups of service technicians are widely perceived to be astute and highly professional, because of their decades-long, first hand experience working with top-notch construction firms, infrastructure and condo builders. Their credence and reliability is further bolstered with their retention by New York City’s Department of Buildings. They have reportedly been consistent in meeting regulated standards for efficiency and reliability in all of their on-site and in-lab tests and inspections. This naturally leads to easy approvals from the city making their busy clients happy since their construction and building schedules are not compromised.


A Dedicated Concrete Laboratory


Big Apple Testing is engaged in a wide range of specialized construction services, from soil boring, to construction materials testing, to a lot of other testing and inspecting services (totals to 83) the company performs for clients. But one that has particularly drawn the industry to Big Apple Testing is its laboratory that is fully dedicated to concrete testing.


The company understands that concrete can be fussy and fickle and that before pouring, each batch has to undergo testing to get a strength rating. This ensures quality is consistent throughout the project. Big Apple Testing has gotten a whole complement of concrete technician experts to do the tests in the company’s functional laboratory dedicated to no other function but testing concrete. The result is that clients’ get accurate and comprehensive analysis of the tested concrete, confident in the fact that this was conducted by highly trained technicians fully dedicated to concrete testing, utilizing a modern laboratory designed to function solely for such purpose.


Big Apple Testing , a   geotechnical  company, is engaged in a wide range of specialized construction services from soil boring, to   construction materials testing  and inspections.