BhabiJikeGhar par nayamehmaan!

&TV’s popular sitcom ‘BhabiJiGhar Par Hai’ is going to have a visitor. Who you ask? Before you have your grey cells running, let us reveal the name. The special guest visiting is none other than Bollywood heartthrob Arjun Kapoor.
Arjun Kapoor will be soon seen making an appearance on the hit comedy show to promote his upcoming movie ‘Ki &Ka’. The actor will shoot the episode this weekend.
Speaking about the exciting development on the show, an excited Saumya Tandon says, “The promo of Ki and Ka is very interesting and I am really looking forward to seeing the film. I guess it is about the chemistry of house husband and a wife who runs the house. Anita in Bhabhiji has the same situation. I am very keen to know how Balki the director has dealt with the subject. It's a fresh idea. Anu and Vibhu and Ki and Ka have a lot in common”.
Looks like Vibhuti and Tiwari are in for some ‘household gyaan’ when Arjun Kapoor visits their homes.
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