Bey Bee products will keep children safe and healthy


  • Company is having many products including Baby Potty training seat, Designer Bath –Tub, Mosquito repellent and Coconut Oil.
  • In India available Online at Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart and first choice of the parents of US, Canada & UK.


It is always a great moment to welcome a newly born baby in the family. Every parent wants that their baby always remain healthy and free from any disease. Family members try their best to keep baby healthy. But, to keep baby healthy beside these all efforts it is most important to use hygienic and quality baby products. Generally it is seen that in this busy life diaper is consider as most easy device for caring of baby. But the fact is that many time this diaper itself create problems for the baby because urine and feces affect very badly.  It causes rashes on the body of the baby, which is the root cause of the skin infection and other infections. Bey Bee has find out solution for this problem of the parents and designed some attractive products for the baby. It creates a Dry Seat for baby which is not only safe but also convenient and waterproof. These Indian products are world standard and first choice of the parents.


It is not easy task for parents to make a habit to seat baby on potty. This is a problem which is faced by every parent of the world in their life span .Bey Bee understood this problem of the children and built such a product which makes habit to seat on potty by playing with the children. This is a Bey Bee potty training seat which looks like a toy. Similarly, Bey Bee bath barrel is also built in European and Hippo designs to bath children. In addition to this, there are also some more bath tubes which are made available in various attractive colours which provide experience of toy and also keep children completely safe. Bey Bee also introduced some more unique products which provide convenience to parents and also keep full regard of baby’s health. This includes Bey Bee chair which can be adjusted at three different height levels. A special seat is built for the sleeping of the baby without any disturbance. This   keeps seat dry during whole night and provides quiet and pleasant sleep to the baby. The company has also designed a special convenient bag for the diaper. To keep baby safe from mosquitoes, Convenient and easy to carry mosquito net is also included with repellent in the Bey Bee products range. Coconut oil is also included in the Bey Bee products for the tender skin of the baby.


In its foundation year 2013-14, Bey Bee and Mom retail has made its identity among its 800 customers which increased to 1500 in very next year (2014-15) and in the year of 2015-16 more than 4000 new customers were added to its customer base. Due to quality of the products numbers of its customers boosted to more than 30 thousands. This year by which speed demand of Bey Bee products increased it is estimated that in the year of 2017-18 this figure will reach 70 thousand and at the end of finance year numbers of the satisfied customers will crossed 1.50 Lacs.


Shish Kharesiya, founder and Director of the company said that “All of our customers are completely satisfied with good quality of the Bey Bee and its products which keep children safe. At present products of Bey Bee are available online at Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart and also in north India at some stores. But, Year Company is planning to make it available at most of the north India region by the next financial year. Apart from this company will also launch its products it the US, Canada and UK and afterword these products will also introduce at some European countries.


Bey Bee is working in the field of manufacturing toiletries products for children from 0- 5 years. In the very little span of the time this startup company has built its credit all over the world. Bey Bee products are available some reputed online sites and also available at some big stores in Punjab and Delhi. At the launch-pad of the Amazon entire product range of Bey Bee is available. There is huge demand of Bey Bee products in India, US, Canada and UK. Parents of many countries trust on the Bey Bee products to provide safe and healthy atmosphere for their children. Company is one of the best startups companies of the India and one of the best 25 startup company selected by the central government.


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