Beverly Hills, CA.—Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Brent Moelleken, M.D. F.A.C.S. revealed updates to what might be considered the world’s most comprehensive facial rejuvenation procedure. His digitally designed and animated 360 Face® System showed in intricate detail the exact composite and procedures required to obtain the perfect face.

“The 360° Facelift System ( is a unique combination of advanced and trademarked facial rejuvenation techniques,” says Dr. Moelleken, “With the 360 Face® we lift and enhance lips, perform corner lip lifts, reduce mouth and forehead frown muscles, make custom LiveFill® grafts from the patient’s own tissues to combat the temple hollowing, enhance the lips, nasolabial folds, the marionette lines; lift the cheeks with the USIC cheeklift, perform a high SMAS facelift, refine nasal, chin and jawline contours, and use between two lasers and five lasers to rejuvenate the skin itself.   Even the earlobes are reshaped and reduced if necessary.”

Scarring, and the ‘pulled look’ from prior surgery can literally be erased with these techniques.  Developed from decades of revisional facelift surgery in the Beverly Hills area, Dr. Moelleken has designed the 360 Face® to maximize results and minimize detection.  Trademarked procedures around the ears, temple and posterior hairline are combined with an artistic eye to create a natural appearance, resulting in a very comprehensive procedure for the lady or man who wants the very best.  But the 360 Face® is not for everybody… 360 Faces® start at $50,000.

According to Dr. Moelleken, the 360° Facelift System is important because the face does not just age in a few places, so the 360° Facelift needs to address every possible sign of aging: sagging skin is lifted, facial volume is addressed, the “oval” shape replaces the “square” shape, weakened eye muscles are lifted, droopy cheeks elevated.  Lost lip volume, increasing lip-nose distance, deep laugh lines, sun damage of the skin and weakened of the neck muscles are all targeted.

Patients from literally all over the country and world have sought Dr. Moelleken’s expertise and fly in for their procedures. Typically they have a detailed secure consultation with Dr. Moelleken, obtain the necessary lab tests in their home states or countries, and arrive the day before their procedure to meet Dr. Moelleken in person, and spend 7 to 10 days in the Los Angeles area.

“We are in an Internet era where patients are more sophisticated than ever about plastic surgery,” states Dr. Moelleken. “Patients are not satisfied with tight, done-appearing faces. If you want the tightest face in the land, I’m not your man.”  “My patients want procedures that look natural and therefore don’t attract attention.”  This ‘under the radar’ type surgery is especially prized among celebrities whose livelihood depends on looking fabulous in the harsh environments of the red carpet, catty career-ending tabloids and High Definition television.

BIO: Brent Moelleken, M.D. is a Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, CA plastic and reconstructive surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is an attending physician at UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Hospitals, studied at Harvard and obtained his MD from Yale University. He has been practicing in Beverly Hills since 1995, has numerous studies and papers on his American Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) award winning superficial cheek lift and over 100 published articles, presentations and abstracts. He was a surgeon on ABC'S hit show "Extreme Makeover," and Discovery Health Channel, and has over 75 television appearances including The Doctors, Dateline, ABC, CBS, NBC, Extra, ET, Dr. Oz., Oprah, British ITV, and numerous national and international shows. He does extensive charity and volunteer work through UCLA and his "About Face" surgical foundation. View these 310-273-1001.