22 August, 2014: F&L Designer Guides, the ever growing, community of independent bespoke engagement ring designers, has announced that Beth Gilmour will be the latest addition to their collective. Beth brings a fresh and unique style of design to the group and a philosophy towards her work that is perfectly congruent with the F&L Designer Guides own way of thinking and their aspirations for the future of bespoke jewellery.

The F&L Designer Guides has seen a huge surge in interest from the both the design community and the industry press since their launch back in April. According to L, the managing editor of The Designer Guides, they have received almost an overwhelming number of new applicants all wishing to join their new and exciting community of designers hoping to promote the benefits and rewards of the bespoke jewellery experience versus the mundane High Street.

“The calibre of work, skill and talent exhibited by each and every one of the designers accepted into the F&L Designer Guides community continues to thrill me. I have had the great pleasure of interviewing each designer personally and I am always awed by the creativity and the raw talent they display in such amazingly unique ways”, L commented.

The co-founder of the F&L Designer Guides went on to say that, “this is why when we met Beth Gilmour I just knew she would be a perfect fit within the community”. Beth Gilmour’s work is marked by her remarkable appreciation for what she describes as ‘the personality of the gem’ which in turn dictates her eventual choice of metal colour and consequently the shape of the design too.

Beth designs her pieces intuitively revealing a stunningly creative approach to the use of gemstones and an appreciation for the alternative and unusual. Beth’s choice of varied gemstones, in both colour and hue, makes her pieces truly one-of-a-kind. Her engagement rings frequently feature unique surface details and intricate metalwork some of which beautifully convey her own love and inspiration she finds in the natural.

F, the other founder of F&L Designer Guides, commented that, “given Beth Gilmour’s talent for embracing and combining both antique and modern stylistic features it was no wonder that L fell in love with her work and felt that she was an ideal candidate for the F&L community. The brilliant imagination and talent that Beth brings to our collective creative force will only prove to enhance and enrich our growth and the experience we hope to introduce to engaged couples everywhere.”

About F&L Designer Guides:

The F&L Designer Guides hosts a thriving community of independent engagement ring designers in the UK. Inspired by their own quest for a distinctive and inspiring engagement ring, F&L collected a group of their favourite bespoke engagement ring designers, all of whom can offer you a more imaginative way to create a truly unique engagement ring and a far more interesting alternative to High Street shopping.

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