St Paul, United States; 08, July 2016: There's no denying that the Web is full of interesting websites. These days, there are over one billion sites live on the Internet. That gives people plenty of sites to browse in their lifetimes!

There is one site in particular that can help people have a day off work, believe it or not. is a website that gives visitors access to fake doctor's notes. It's a unique and innovative site, and also a successful one. In fact, the website is now celebrating its eighth year in business.

The growing need for fake doctor’s notes

Let's face it. Most people spend a large amount of their time at work and not much at home with their families. Many workers often get asked to work longer hours or do extra shifts, for instance. As a result, they start to experience the effects of "burn out."

When that happens, they have no choice but to call in sick to work and take some time off. The thing is, some employers don't feel that stress is a valid reason to stay at home. The ugly truth is they think only a disabling physical injury is a good enough reason to stay at home.

What's even worse is that some employers might even fire workers for calling in sick for stress! As one can imagine, employees often feel like they're stuck between a rock and a hard place. They need to stay at home and recharge their batteries, as it were. But, they also want a job to go back to when they're feeling better.

Sites like can provide the ideal solution for such scenarios. In just a matter of minutes, one can pay for a package of fake doctor's notes that they can use. They can then select one that is ideal for their needs. The result? Employees can rest and recover without fear of getting fired!

Won't employers try to contact the doctor?

In most cases, they won't do so because of HIPAA medical privacy laws. And it's unusual for employers to do so because they are too busy to do so! Customers can also take advantage of a no-cost callback verification feature. They can set up a local phone number with an automated voice messaging system!

Are the doctor's notes customizable?

Many of the notes sold by the website are customizable. Customers can alter the clinic and hospital names if they wish to do so. It's also possible to change out some of the graphics used on some of those notes too.


As the name suggests, is a site where one can obtain doctor's notes. They are available in a package format and can get tailored to meet one's needs. The site has been operating for eight years and is one of the most trusted providers online.

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