NexusClean has brought on new expertise and named Tina as new Editor in charge of marketing and SEO. The key issue Tina is going to address is increasing conversion; expand our subscriber numbers, taking care of core marketing and technical support in addition to spearheading marketing initiatives to grow the company.

NexusClean  has hired Tina Bos. Tina who has 5 years experience in internet marketing, social media and 3 years experience in SEO takes new position as Chief webmaster and Editor for NexusClean. Full details can be found on the About Us section of the company website,

NexusClean CEO, Emmanuel M expressed confidence that Tina is ready to handle the job, saying:
The progression the company is experiencing calls for a person with solid competencies and experience in the field of internet marketing, social media and SEO at large. Tina's career achievements in previous similar positions make her a great fit for this position. Her experience paired with the excellent staff and support system we have in place in our start-up company is surely going to lead to success.

Among the new responsibilities Tina can expect to handle are:
Increasing conversion, expand our subscriber numbers by introducing multiple ways of increasing email opt-ins through contests, free rewards and paid advertisement. Other tasks include taking care of core marketing, technical support and spearheading marketing initiatives to grow the company.

The new person will also be tasked with expanding the company to related niches and manage our website marketing reach. This will call on Tina to employ her expertise in social media marketing to build and engaged community in our niche.

She is also expected to prepare the company for rebranding from the current micro niche focus to a more macro niche focus in the cleaning industry. The plan is to increase the products we deal with and review in our company from the present focus on steam mops and cleaners to carpet cleaners and pressure cleaners. Basically we aim to cover all cleaning gadgets used in domestic spaces.

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Editor via the website: NexusClean.

Company Name: NexusClean
Contact Person: Tom Bos
Email: [email protected]
London, UK