China — Currently, the rugged products are very commonly in small and medium-sized mobile phones and hand-held terminals because of the smaller size of their display, touch screen and other wearing parts. For the big size products such as tablet PC, the rugged type of products is not very commonly in this related industry. However, the rugged android tablet PC from Leeline Technologies Ltd should be the special and excellent example in the industry and rugged tablet PC. From the product design to the finishing of the related production, the engineer from this professional rugged tablet PC manufacturer and supplier continuously follows the design level of the most professional industrial requirement. They focus on strengthening all aspects of hardware reliability, environmental reliability and stability of the software systems and other aspects.

For the mobile device which size is beyond the 7-inch such as tough android tablet PC, anti-falling should be the most difficult problem for the engineer from related manufacturers to handle. In order to solve the problem of large-size screen dropping and shocking resistance, the best tablet PC manufacturer has already applied the strengthen touch-screen technology, inner hanging support structure for display screen and high strength shell structure. After precise calculation and repeated testing, the engineer from Leeline Technologies already got the very reasonable solution.

Furthermore, to solve the problem of the reliability in extreme environments, engineer utilizes the high reliability capacitive touch screen and lithium cobalt polymer battery. All of these advantageously factors, the product can be adapted to the extremely environment where temperature is from — 45 degrees to 80 degrees. All of clients do not worry about the failure in low temperature environment.

In addition to the high strength physical components, the rugged tablet pc from also has the allround hardware platform which totally meets with customer’s needs. The integrated functions such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, high-definition cameras can effectively increase the data processing speed. On the other hand, the internal interfaces and structures reserved space can help people easily extend RFID, zegbee, bar code scanning, fingerprint identification, navigation and many other hardware modules which could easily help people handle a variety of applications.

Leeline Technologies Ltd has already finished the research and development of whole series and whole size of the military tablet PC which has great physical performance. Their richly rugged tablet products could meet with the high demands of customers and provide with people more excellent and comprehensive hardware platform solution. If people want to find high quality rugged android tablet , please visit website

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