Focus Fine Photography launches new exciting photography packages for wedding, engagements and other functions. The company, yet again, meets the requirements of its valued customers.

The people of Washington, DC had long been craving for a professional photographer who could capture their precious moments inside the camera. With the initiation of Focus Fine Photography, the people of DC got what they longed for. Over the period, the company has established itself as the best option for the locals when it comes to wedding, engagements and gatherings photography. The company has provided quality top quality services and is about to launch a whole new list of opportunities for its valued customers.

The Focus Fine Photography handles the wedding functions with utmost care and delicacy. It makes sure that not a single moment gets away from the lens of the camera. The company is introducing exciting packages within the domain of wedding photography that would provide the customers with high quality images and videos at a very affordable rate. It has a vast experience in covering various events.

The Focus Fine Photography also performs boudoir photography. It has a unique record of capturing private photos in complete privacy. The company can be fully trusted with any of the private photos and so far, has provided services to numerous American ladies. Furthermore, the boudoir photography is also supplied in the form of portraits. These photographs remain a beautiful memory forever; even for the upcoming generations. The events like births of babies are also covered by the photography company. These are the most memorable moments in every parents’ lives. Therefore, they shall be captured by the most professional photographer in the town, i.e. Focus Fire Photography.

Another new package that the company launches is the pet photography. Since the people in the US love their pets and keep them as their children, they love to have memorable pictures of their pets. These pictures can later on be relished upon.

The Focus Fine Photography is owned and run by Parmiss Akbari who is a professional photographer, providing photography services in the capital of the US. She is the best photographer Washington DC and has a bachelor’s of art in photography. She is the ultimate demand of any family and friends function in the US. Not a single event is considered complete without her professional photography services.

Name: Parmiss Akbari
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 301-938-8330