The advanced neuro spine surgery unit at Best neuro spine hospital Nanavati India was inaugurated setting a brand new benchmark in the adoption of technology in healthcare, Nanavati hospital, the main multi-forte, and tertiary care medical institution chain, will offer complete and superior neuro and spine treatment using 3-D and robot technology. The neurosurgery department will be led by means of, a team of professionals, and senior consultant, brain and spine doctor. With the launch of an advanced neurosurgical unit, the best neuro spine hospital in Nanavati India will be at the vanguard for presenting modern neurology treatment. The newly unveiled 3D microscope and robot surgical device allows in

Improving safety and précising

Improved -quality of the outcome

Decreased surgical time & infection

Further to the 3D microscope, the innovative neuro-navigation facility will help inefficaciously treating the tumor without damaging adjacent blood vessels and other tissues, in the brain and spine and high-end endoscopic removal of tumors. The neuro department may also have centers of –

The neuronavigation system

The ultrasonic aspirator system

The neuro endoscopy

The stereotactic system

The 3D robot microscope

Speaking at the occasion, surgeons at Best neuro spine hospital Nanavati India said, "This is a commendable initiative by Nanavati hospital to adopt superior era in treating brain and spine tumors. I am glad to know that the best neuro spine hospital Nanavati India possesses the know-how and the functionality to make it on hand to the commonplace man".

 "We’re satisfied to have launched a high-end neurosurgery department driven by the quality of technology at Nanavati hospital. This will not only enhance the best of neurosurgeries but also add value to the healthcare region in the country. The 3-D technology and robotic microscope will assist in treating brain tumors, spinal tumors, and spinal fixation. Visual color coding of tumors guarantees the complete removal of tumors. Similarly, virtual flow in blood vessels enables treating vascular lesions. The neuro-navigation devices will help in understanding the form and relationship of the tumor/lesion with adjoining normal tissue while operating. This tool will help us address tough and complicated tumor places with the intention to help us to navigate thru tumors that were one difficult as tough or complicated.” stated brain and spine surgeon, Nanavati Hospital.

Spine surgeons at best neuro spine hospital Nanavati India commented at the occasion, "In the past decade, superb advances were made that has taken the accuracy of spine treatment to a new height to avoid bad results. Also referred to as "computer-assisted, image-steering," navigation technology is advancing at a rapid rate, blended with minimally invasive strategies that have made spine surgical operation unique, secure and reproducible. Spinal navigation technology produces a virtual truth 3-D model of the patient's backbone which lets the health practitioner more appropriately place spinal instrumentation, perform decompression, and eliminate tumors and other tasks. Surgical procedures may also be planned 'in reality at the computer before a technique. This reduces the exposure the radiation to patient and staff throughout the surgical operation and is a precursor of artificial intelligence era of the future."

“Best neuro spine hospital Nanavati India continually strives to be abreast with today's technology in the healthcare sector, across the world. Improvements in technology have performed a big role in changing the outcomes and delivery of healthcare. Thru adoption of 3-D and robot technology, the advanced neurosurgical unit at Nanavati hospital will offer particular and error-free treatment to our patients. We are pleased to offer an area of expertise treatment by famed medical experts within the field of neurosurgery, which can be trained to use this 3-D and robotic technology. This will pave way for Nanavati hospital to be a favored destination for holistic healthcare, specifically for performing neurosurgery" said executive director, Nanavati hospital.

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