A new E-Lites coupon code and review about the E-Lites electronic cigarette product is now available to the general public. The E-Lites are one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today.

The E200 line of E-Lites represents the latest in this celebrated product. Featuring an attractive portable charging package that is not only shaped like a standard cigarette pack, it also has the famous red and white coloring of one of the most famous cigarette companies of all time. It actually takes close inspection to discern this product from an actual cigarette pack. The E-Lites work in the similar manner to tobacco cigarettes except they contain no tobacco and are not lit.

The E-Lites Starter Kit contains the portable battery pack, 5 E-Tips, a battery and charging stations which can be either plugged into a wall or use the USB cable. One of the great advantages that E-Lites bring is that the portable battery will last all day long, meaning that a smoker only has to recharge all 5 of the E-Tips electronic cigarettes at the end of the day.

For those who are considering quitting their smoking habit, the E-Lites help maintain the oral fixation which is generally the detriment of traditional patches and gums while still maintaining the influx of nicotine. Furthermore, the E-Lites can be used repeatedly which can save a considerable amount of money for the smoker. For more information about the E Lites coupon and the advantages they provide, visit Best E-Cigarette UK .

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