Market trends show that one of the highest sold home appliances is none other than the washing machine. The modern day household cannot function without a handy washing machine. Whether it is for the economically well off household or the poorer ends of the household, most households have made it a necessity to keep a washing machine that is within their budget to keep the laundry clean.


The web site called the Best Buy Washer has recently published its review list of the latest arrivals in the market. Its article titled “The Best 5 Washers” have received a phenomenal number of viewers for its unbiased reviews. Most customers who took the web site’s advice have reported back with positive feedback.


Reports show that the post had evaluated all of its nominations on eight key features, which the team opines are the most important features about what really makes the washing machine effective. The following points have been listed as, rinsing (45 %), energy (12 %), reels (10 %), ease of use (10 %), spin (10 %), speed (5 %), sound (5 %), and water consumption (3 %). It has been reported that the Bosch WAY32541NL model have indicated a record breaking sale after it was recommended by the web site as the number one product for keeping the laundry very clean. with a price tag of around 780 euros, the machine has been popular among many of its users for its 1600 rpm and energy class A.


Featured with VarioSoft, Aqua Stop, Eco Silence and a handly LCD display, it has been reported as a handy appliance for busy homes that wants peace and quiet. Most of the households today have reportedly shown a higher level of interest towards those machines that showed higher level of self sufficiency, needing very little intervention for the owners as such. To get more information please visit


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