United Kingdom; 15, March 2016: A new beard care brand has just launched onto the market providing top-quality organic products for the bearded male. It is hoped their new beard oil will make waves in the industry, and the brand will grow exponentially during 2016. Finding a good beard oil solution on the market today is often tough. Guys complain that most of the products leave their facial hair feeling sticky and clumpy. They also leave it smelling bad too! However, the all-natural organic formula used by the Best Beard Company offers a new experience. Unlike the other oils available today, it is clean and fragrance-free.

Best Beard Company

It’s the ideal blend of essential and 100% natural oils for which mean have been waiting. The product contains Vitamin E to protect your skin and strengthen the beard. Each bottle also contains Aloe Vera to relieve itchiness and condition the facial hair. Chamomile is used to help tone the skin and prevent inflammation and Jojoba assists in getting rid of any toxins that might clog the pores. Bearded men will not find a better product elsewhere, and so they should visit the Best Beard Company Website today.

The new Original Beard Oil comes in a durable glass bottle that is expected to become somewhat of a collectors item. Customers get a glass dropper so they can apply the solution like real gentlemen. It helps to keep any beard looking healthy, and the oil is specially made to soak quickly. People get to keep that natural scent they love, and their beards are protected at all times. No fragrance also means the oil won’t interfere with aftershaves, etc.

The people behind Best Beard Company has worked hard to develop their create the best product for their customers. They understand that men want a straightforward solution to keep their beards healthy and manageable. That is why the Original Beard Oil is available today, and that’s why everyone should give it a try.

Expert beard ninjas working for this brand beat the competition for the following reasons:

* Four superior ingredients carefully selected for maximum results
* 100% organic oil blend - no harmful chemicals
* Ultra-moisturising for healthy beard and skin
* Rapid absorbing oil with less mess
* No annoying fragrances

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Best Beard Company to learn more about their product should visit the website. There is a contact form for new customers and clients or business inquiries. Alternatively, members of the media/bloggers/journalists can use the details listed below. The team is always on hand to answer questions or offer advice about their oil, so there’s no need to delay. Contact them today!

For all media information contact:
George Murray
Best Beard Company,
Kemp House,
152 City Road,
0203 189 1424
[email protected]