Many parents forget to check the school infrastructure and environment before sending their children to local kindergarten schools. As a result, these children are not fostered well and their talents remain unexplored. If you are looking for Zonnelicht Hoorn or any other good afterschool in North Holland, you should be aware that not all the schools in the region comply with the Dutch Childcare Act of 2005 and other pertinent rules and regulations. If it’s your child’s first step into the academic world, it should start from a reputable kindergarten school that offers a great learning environment and puts additional emphasis on child safety and nutrition. Here below are some of the benefits of sending your child to a buitenschoolse opvang that has the right infrastructure and environment. 


Student-teacher ratio

According to the national standards, the ideal student-teacher should be the following and Zonnelicht Hoorn and few other schools in the region religiously follow these standards.

-             Children between 0-1 years of age: 4 children should be taught and guided by 1 teacher (max 12 children permissible in a group)

-             Children between 1-2 years: One teacher should attend 5 children and the group size should exceed 12 students.

-             Children between 2-3 years: One mentor teaching six students is ideal and at max 16 students can study together.

-             Children between 3-4 years: One teacher is ideal for a group of 8 students.

-             Children above 4 years: One teacher should teach 10 students at one time.

Unfortunately, many buitenschoolse opvang owners and authorities little care about these regulations and overcrowding the classrooms leads to nothing but chaos and stunted growth of children.


Healthy Diet

At Zonnelicht Hoorn and other reputable schools in Ijsselmeer, children get the best organic food and drinks. Children are served with fresh and fruit, organic milk and hot porridge in the winter months. Teachers in these schools play the role of cooks as well and they maintain hygiene while baking and cooking for the children. Children can also have hot meals in these schools.


Safety of the Children

The best buitenschoolse opvang always maintain hygiene and the overall safety of the children is a prime concern for these school authorities. These schools are regularly supervised and closely monitored by the regulatory council which is popularly known as GGD.  You can download and check the inspection report issued by these regulatory councils by visiting the website of a kindergarten school.


Adjustment Period

Especially if your child is reluctant to go to school, you should check whether Zonnelicht Hoorn or any other school you are sending your child to helps the children to become familiar with the school environment. A good school should give the children at least two weeks of time for getting acquainted with the school environment. During that period, children are encouraged to play and have fun with their new friends. How can you assess the buitenschoolse opvang without travelling from one school to another? Simply look .up Google or any other search engine, find school websites and conduct your research.



At Zonnelicht Hoorn, we always strive to develop children aged from 0-12 years optimally. Our buitenschoolse opvang setting is different and advantageous for children and their parents alike and our staff loves children and knows how to teach them and take care of them.