The construction business has once again began to boom, despite the continuing unfavorable economic conditions. When the economic landscape started turning south, you saw construction projects come to a halt on many buildings and even skyscrapers, as nature started to retake control of the land. However, you can now start to see these construction projects starting up again, as construction companies are regrouping and refocusing. The picked up pace of the construction industry in the United States become evident in seeing crane haul and rig move services surface and multiply. This article will examine some of the benefits of contracting the services of a crane haul or rig move company, when compared to purchasing the same equipment to serve in your ongoing construction projects.


First and foremost, when starting any construction project, your budget is your law and mantra, or it should be. Doing some simple calculations will show you that buying heavy construction equipment, like cranes, represent a very large expense. Moreover, the value of these large machines starts decreasing the moment the sale is made, so if you’re just starting out in the construction industry, spending large on equipment, without sparing a second thought, can cause financially disastrous consequences. You will see your costs drop dramatically when you recalculate according to the alternative of renting your heavy equipment, like industrial cranes.


Another great benefit that comes from renting a crane, or other heavy construction equipment, over buying it yourself, is leaving all your worries behind when it comes to storing the heavy equipment during the time you’re using them. If you buy your own equipment you’ll have to consider storing costs, for the duration of your project. If you’re renting, then it’s the rental company’s duty to insure that the equipment is safely stored, and safely transported from the construction site to the storage area. Crane rental companies often offer crane haul and rig move services, which can be very useful.


Another big benefit of renting your heavy construction equipment, rather than purchasing it is not having to deal with the maintenance of the equipment. Industrial construction machines can break with no notice, even if they’re brand new, which can make your budget skyrocket out of control. Renting your equipment from a rig haul or crane move company will eliminate all equipment repair and maintenance costs, as these will all become the responsibility of the rental company.


Contracting the services of a rental company for your construction equipment needs will also eliminate the need to find qualified and responsible operators. The rental company will be responsible for providing an operator for the machines you’re renting—they are responsible for the training of the operator, and for insuring that he is fully certified to operate heavy machinery. Availability of the equipment ceases to be an issue when you’re renting as well. Most construction companies, especially new ones, cannot afford to purchase, store and maintain a large number of machines, so renting is the obvious choice is you’re handling a number of projects simultaneously, instead on focusing on a single construction project.

Heavy equipment rental solved all your rig move problems, and lets you focus on the project at hand. If you need multiple pieces of equipment, on little notice, rental companies also offer crane haul services, so you don’t have to worry about transport or logistics.