Beginning in infancy, you might find that your child favors a doll or stuffed animal as their preferred toy. In addition to being a natural inclination, playing with dolls has its benefits, including improved motor skills and social skills. As a parent, dolls of your child’s favorite characters are easy to find. For example, Raggs, a popular children’s TV series, offers plush Raggs dolls for kids of all ages.

As babies, children are first introduced to dolls, as they view them as an object of comfort. In the early stages of development, a doll can assist in teaching your child how to use their hands. By grasping, grabbing, and trying to hold their dolls, babies strengthen their hands and learn how to grasp with their fingers. Playing with dolls at a young age can also greatly benefit your child’s mind. Children typically begin utilizing their imaginations between one and two years, and playing “make believe” with their dolls at an early age will engage them creatively and cognitively.

As infants grow into toddlers, they begin to learn more about how to “take care” of their dolls, which can teach them the values of compassion and selflessness. As they dress their dolls, move them around, and play with the doll accessories, their motor skills will develop and improve dramatically. At this age, children begin to display social skills, and playing with dolls can teach them positive ways to interact socially.

When toddlers mature to the age that they are old enough to attend school, playing with dolls only further improves their social skills. By creating imaginary scenarios for their dolls, they have the ability to see beyond themselves, to understand the repercussions of actions, and to develop important strengths, like empathy for others. Additionally, in a school setting, children who play with dolls will learn to share their dolls, as well as their imagination, with others -

Kids’ programming understands the benefits of playing with dolls, which is why they often sell the doll versions of their characters. Raggs, a kids’ TV series, sells Raggs plush dolls that serve as toys and, as has been detailed, valuable tools for both education and development of your child.

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