13 December, 2013: Bell Helicopter Parts are one of the most reputable brands in the air market, with nearly 80 years of experience in the niche. One of their most innovative designs, though, was the Bell 412. The Bell 412 helicopter was developed late into the 1970s, when the Bell 212 being converted in the proto-type of the upcoming 412 model. It was not released until early 1981, when the first models were certified and then delivered to those who had ordered. 

However, the Bell 412 has not stayed the same for all of these years. It was followed by the 412SP (Special Performance) which has a more durable fuel capacity, and a different variety of seating arrangements available. The next model, the 412EP (Enhanced Performance) had an automatic flight control system. 

In 2013, Bell Helicopter Parts updated the model to include the 412EPI, which features an electronic engine control system, and a glass cockpit. In total, there are fourteen different styles or classifications to the Bell 412. The 412 uses Pratt & Whitney Canada PT65-3BE Twin-Pac Turboshafts to give it some of it’s extra endurance and power. This is a big benefit for civilian tasks like the oil rig support mentioned above as it helps increase stability. 

The Bell 412 is one of the most commonly used aircrafts for military models, and it is widely reputed for its versatility. Aside from its common use a military aircraft, the 412 is used quite regularly in oil rig support jobs. Being able to get to a maximum speed of 140 knots, and a climb rate of 1,350 feet per minute, this is one of the most commonly used helicopters across the globe for a reason. 

Commonly used by many private and commercial sectors throughout the world, it is mainly used as a military and law enforcement helicopter. At the moment, it is used by countries on every continent on the planet. With over 30 different countries putting this into operation for many different purposes, it stands alone as one of the most reliable pieces of air craft put together by any company. Nearly 40 years after it was first launched, the Bell 412 looks set to have an equally bright future. 

Written by AeroBase Group Copyright 2013