16, July 2016: Feng shui for the bedroom is a growing hot topic among people sensitive to Mother Earth energies who want to increase balance in their personal lives. Starting in the place where we typically spend about 1/3rd of our lives, the bedroom, people seem to be getting desirable results.

You'd believe people in general would know their environment and their physical surroundings can influence their thoughts and behaviors, especially in their bedroom, but that's not so, according to Janet Sandquist, the lead Feng Shui Consultant at Feng Shui4Today, which is a leading online resource for the modern professional and avid enthusiast.

Janet, who uses her expertise in Feng Shui to accurately assess what her clients' home, office or property need to achieve balance, in support of her bold statement above, has just released a new article explaining who this is so, and people can do to achieve balance in their lives.

In this article, titled: "Feng Shui for your Bedroom: How to Increase Quality Relationships in Your Life", Janet unabashedly stated that "feng shui for the bedroom is a great place to start to open up opportunities to attract ideal people into your life."

In support of this claim, the bedroom feng shui expert writes that even though everybody's home is set up differently, with the services of an expert Feng Shui consultant, people can learn the best placement of their furniture, accessories, lighting, and even colors that can create, attract and increase the quality of their relationships.

Pointing to an example of a retired woman who really wanted to travel, and was looking to have more friends that would enjoy the same type of travel and she does, Janet explains: "This woman, who was having difficulty in finding the right type of travel companions, consulted with me on how to change certain elements and items in her bedroom so that they would be in perfect alignment with her goals." "Not surprisingly, the end result was that the client developed an abundance of amazing friends," adds Janet.

To read more about many goals reached through simply having her bedroom furniture rearranged the Feng Shui way, and how you can achieve the same results consulting with Janet, you can read the entire article online at http://fengshui4today.com/bedroomfengshui-increase-quality-relationships-in-life.

For further information, contact Janet Sandquist, the lead Feng Shui Consultant at Feng Shui4Today, a leading online resource for the modern professional and avid enthusiast.

About Janet Sandquist:

Janet Sandquist uses her expertise in Feng Shui allows her to accurately assess what your home, office or property needs to achieve balance. In addition to studying and working through a curriculum of many classes and books, the Certification Process was approximately two years with Suzee Miller at Feng Shui Paradigms. Additionally she attended a 10-day program in Thailand with Masters David Twicken and Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai. This particular program focused on the dynamics of Feng Shui and elements as it pertained to one's life. Janet continues to learn from various Masters, but most especially David Twicken.

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