, representing The Felicetti Law Firm P.C., informs that individuals who suffered from bed bug bites are entitled to compensation under certain circumstances.

Tenants, hotel guests, cruise ship passengers as well as employees who had the unpleasant bed bug experience and needed medical treatment can cover the damage by taking legal action.

The victim can be eligible for monetary compensation in a situation when it was another person's fault. Thus, it is considered that the owner of the hotel/apartment/vacation home etc. is responsible with the cleanliness and sanitation of the place. Bed bugs are frequently causing health problems to travelers in the United States due to improper hygiene practices in hotels and similar locations, according to The Felicetti Law Firm P.C.

At victims of bed bug infestation can obtain legal advice from specialized lawyers and learn how to start a claim. The small parasites that hide in bedding, rugs and furniture often make medical treatment necessary, especially when these carry diseases. Such consequences usually entail important expenses. Victims can make personal injury claims based on the right to recovery, once an attorney has evaluated the problem and the distressed caused by it.

The compensation one may receive will depend on the number of bug bites, the infestation duration, severity of injuries, medical treatment costs, as well as other related expenses (new bedding, new clothing, etc.). The claim may also include any income that was lost while the person was infested.

Persons affected by bed bug bites can now hire a lawyer able to understand and handle bed bug injuries, as well as the distress caused by it. The Felicetti Law Firm P.C. professionals take into account all the contributing factors, determines where the guilt lies and assesses the gravity of the issue, identifying the most appropriate compensation level.

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