(Free Press Release) There are a lot of falsifications of Winstrol. It is easy to recognize original Winstrol on the base of its unusual production form. At first glance it is about ampoule content: milk white, watery liquid, which yet has some pecularities. Original Winstrol precipitates, in other word the active substance is separated from watery injection liquid, if the ampoule is still for a while. If the ampoule is in a package or stands on the table during several hours, the active substance is gathered and becomes noticeable as a white layer at the bottom of glass. It can be mixed with the watery liquid, which has already become transparent by the time, only after multiple shaking of the ampoule. There usually precipitates a white layer approximate a nail high in an ampoule with 1 ml of suspension and and dissolved in it 50 mg of Winstrol. An athlete can easily establish if it is really original Winstrol with stanozolol or something with a less dose of active substance. In no case you can buy ampoules or glass flacons which contain more than 1 ml of suspension, as original injectable Winstrol is only in 1 ml glass ampoules. Original Spanish ampoules by the company Zambon has unusually wide paunch and brown font. Italian ampoules by Zambon are also easy to recognize as the question is about little ampoules with a top, which must ne pierced, with the same wide paunch but with blue font. One cannot rub out inscriptions on Spanish and Italian Winstrol with a nail, scrape, they are felt well with fingers. Fake Winstrol is usually offered in usual narrow ampoules. As the company Wintrop hasn't been producing wide spread in former times Strombaekt, you can find only Spanish and Italian injectable Winstrol by Zambon at the German black market. If an athlete makes injections everyday that Winstrol is a very expensive drug.