Ground-breaking products that stop bleeding and save lives will be on display later this month when Celoxâ„¢ travel to Germany to showcase their life changing range of materials to an international audience at Medica the largest medical technologies fair in the world.

The latest Celoxâ„¢ range will be displayed, including the new Celoxâ„¢ Gauze, US retail and US hospital ranges.

Celoxâ„¢ - manufactured by MedTrade - rapidly controls moderate to severe bleeding from arterial, deep arterial or high flow sites within seconds of application by attracting red blood cells to its surface and forming a strong gel plug which seals the wound.

Since its introduction to the US market in 2006, Celox‘sâ„¢ ability to quickly clot blood has made it a popular choice for US special forces and with police, fire departments and ambulance crews in dealing with life threatening incidents.

Celoxâ„¢ has been proved to rapidly and reliably stop major bleeding in serious wounds, whether occurring on the battlefield, through knife lacerations, gunshots or from work related incidents.

Celoxâ„¢ works independently of temperature and the bodies own blood clotting mechanisms. It is able to clot blood in the presence of anti-coagulants such as Heparin and Coumadin and to clot hypothermic blood. These special properties make it suitable for treating all types of problem bleeding.

Craig Hardy, CEO of MedTrade, said:
“The battlefield format of Celoxâ„¢ has received an outstanding reception. One of my greatest pleasures is hearing of the times when Celox have saved lives. It is now fantastic to be able to display the Celoxâ„¢ range at MEDICA. We are hoping it will offer us the perfect opportunity to meet with international distributors and showcase our products to people from around the world.”

MEDICA is the largest medical technologies fair in the world and will be taking place between 18-21 November at the Messe Düsseldorf. Throughout the show Celox will be located on the UK Pavilion, Hall 16 stand 19-2

To meet with Celoxâ„¢ at the event or for more details on their products please visit or email [email protected]