China - Nowadays, many people care about how to extent the life of their laptop batteries. When the clients want to a new laptop or camera, the businesses owner will ask the user to fully charge and discharge the laptop battery or the replacement digital camera batteries three times in a row. The best time range for each charge for the laptop battery or the camera batteries is more than 12 hours. This action is to activate the laptop batteries. And this is also allows the user to enter a misunderstanding area. In fact, before the laptop and camera come out of the factory, the laptop battery will be activated and only remain a small amount of electricity in order to avoid the natural wear and tear for performance of the laptop battery. So the new laptop battery has been activated before. In short, the new laptop and the replacement digital camera battery you buy is only need to follow the normal method of charge and discharge.

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To ensure the fully charged, we should regularly run out of the battery power. It is about once per month. To completely run out of the power of the laptop battery or the digital camera batteries, we should simply unplug the power and run the notebook with the CPU-intensive tasks, such as playing a number of large-scale 3D games or watching HD video so that battery power of the laptop battery or the digital camera batteries will be soon ran out. However, there is no need to discharge the battery before each charge and sometimes it would damage the battery. We do not recommend you to charge the battery when the volume of the battery is about 10%. It is best to charge the laptop battery or the digital camera batteries when there are still more than 30% of the electricity in the battery otherwise it will shorten the life of the battery.

When many users plugged Batterybuying  the laptop or the camera into an AC battery, in order to prevent repeated charge and discharge which will damage the laptop battery and the digital camera batteries and they think this is a good way to protect the battery. In fact, this is unnecessary. Because power control circuit of most notebook was designed with a feature, that is, when the battery is less than 90% or 95% the laptop batteries will be charged automatically. And even if the battery is recharged again the loss will not be more than a long time reserve without the laptop batteries  battery charge. At the same time, if there is the sudden power failure when we use a laptop, it will not only cause the damage of the notebook and laptop battery themselves, but also the serious consequences of data loss.

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