01, March 2016: Bart entered his college three months ago. The day when he set his foot in his college, he brought his Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter X8 with him. In the large college campus, there is enough room and square for Airwheel X8 to zoom about. Now Bart conditions himself into steering Airwheel X8 to classroom and library. The college campus where Bart studies occupies over ten thousand square meters. It takes nearly half an hour to walk across the campus. Each day, other students need spend twenty minutes on walking to their classroom. The commute is timewaster. Seeing his roommate making endless complaints about the long commute, Bart usually feels gleeful sometimes.

Every morning, Bart does not need to wake up earlier as other do. He does not wake up until his roommates wake up and leave the dormitory for the classroom. Bart rides Airwheel electric unicycle X8 to classroom. It costs him merely five minutes to arrive at his classroom from his dormitory. Some of students ride bicycles to classroom. Although it is fast to cycle to classroom, it is not easy and convenient. Because the bicycle is too large. It takes up a large place. At the same time, when it is parked outside the classroom, the owner has to be concerned about theft. Airwheel X8 frees Bart from similar anxiety.


Unlike the bicycle which is not allowed to run in the library, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter X8 can enter library. Bart usually rides it into the library. Airwheel X8 is powered by the electricity, thereby producing no emission into the surrounding air. The maglev motor makes no noise, which permits Airwheel X8 to enter library. Therefore when the curator sees Bart riding X8 coming in, he never forbids him. With Airwheel X8, Bart can easily and quickly take a desk for reading. It is a veritable convenient and eco-friendly vehicle.

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